Grown and harvested on site daily


From the countless uses of chiles to the seven styles of Oaxacan Molés, from fresh Oaxacan produce to spicy hot mole, the culinary options at Montecito Beach Village offer a dish to satisfy every palate. Enjoy meals poolside at the Cala Club, under the stars at our new Loma Lounge, or have an intimate dinner in the privacy of your own villa. Any way you choose to dine, your stay here will be a feast for all senses.

“Oaxaca is characterized by still having intact pre-Hispanic techniques and traditions, since it is a state rich in culture that has not allowed globalization inside its kitchen. Many things continue to be done in a pre-Hispanic way, such as the use of the metate, the earth oven as well as endemic and local products.”

Executive Chef, Edgar Alain Sánchez Rojas

Breakfast at Cala Club
Salad at Cala Club