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A conversation with the Architect Jorge Herrera.


What is coastal design?

It is actually a way of approaching life. It is not only about architecture or interior design, it could also be applied to the way you dress and relate to an atmosphere created close or in front of the ocean.

In Mexico, we are privileged of having such a beautiful coast line, so to be able to enjoy it and feel part of it, you must relate with it in the same way as nature shows itself, being simple, relaxed, informal, not trying to compete with something that is already perfect. You need to frame your surroundings and place all the pieces involved in your proposal in such a way that you are able to feel all its beauty in a comfortable way, protected from the sun, in touch with the breeze, sounds and smells.

Simple materials play a big role in order to feel the connection, to feel part of it.

When did you fall in love with architecture?

I’ve always been in love with architecture, because architecture for me is about beauty, about understanding and feeling where you are, is about relating to where you are, creating atmospheres and spaces that promote human interactions.

What are you architectural influences and where do you draw inspiration from?

I’ve always been influenced by my mentor Arq. Carlos Herrera, my uncle, because during all his life as an architect, he has been able to understand the importance of architecture and design for people, and have produced amazing spaces where you always feel that you belong, where you feel comfortable, where you get to enjoy everything that is in and around you, and very few architects are able to do that, today most of the times architecture is only about form.

Nature is another huge source of inspiration as well, you see perfection in every single expression from it.

And of course the are a lot of great people, thinkers, architects and designers out there. Internet and Social Media become very important too.

If you had one reason you believe architecture is your passion, what would it be?

When something is your passion when it seems that you don´t have to make big a big effort, it just flows and expresses out and the reason is because you are enjoying it, because you feel complete, it is your passion!

I get inspiration from all sort of things. Traveling is the most important one because you see a lot of things, beautiful places, cultures, people, people gathering with other people, and then you find a way to apply it or adapt it in your work.

– Architect, Jorge Herrera
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